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This is the 3rd annual WAITOC Product Directory we have completed for this client, however this years project was little bit different. 

We had completed the new website and this included a full online directory of the operators with most of the content coming from the 2013 directory. As a part of the functionality Operators are able to log in to a secure area of the site and update their directory profile as required. This help to keep the latest information available for visitors on the site but also updates the WAITOC database with this information for use in other marketing campaigns. and all of the content was gathered from the site. 

The Challenge: How do we get the latest information from the website and flow it into the 2014 offline product directory?

This was a consideration we understood from the outset planning of the new site. The website directory was setup to allow for all content to be exported to .csv files. Once this was checked it was wrangled into a merge template and with the use of the indesign 'merge data' feature, it was flowed into the 4 section, 110pp, pre-designed document. There was a bit of tiding up to do, however this was significantly quicker than copy and paste.

Outcomes: With some prior planning and by leveraging technology and out of the box thinking, we cut the layout time for this directory by 40%.

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WA Indigenous Tourism Operators Council

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