Juddys Fitness Brand Development

Created back in 2008 using CS3 on a PC, this job was a bit of fun but it grew from a logo and flyers into one of my first websites. 

Unfortunately the business isn't still running but the pushup guy is still sweating! 

I've included this project because the original stock image I used was only half of the pushup guy. I duplicated his arm (note the twin tribal tatts) and then darkened it all down to fit with the dark look and look to target a edgy, power-type client likely to be looking for bootcamp style fitness in the kings park area.

Project Requirements: Apart from the brand development and photoshop work, I developed an assortment of collateral for the business including business cards, A5 and DL flyers and also the website.

Application Used: Photoshop 3; indesign 3; Dreamweaver 3

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Juddys Fitness

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