In the Beginning

I like to get back to my design roots sometimes to see where I started out and if I have in fact, learnt anything on my journey.

Digging through some old portfolios I found these beauties (pls excuse the quality). 

Slide 1: Corporate brochure, full page trade magazine advert, Mouse map and direct mail DL. 
Back in 2001 I was working for the 'Hospitality Training Foundation' (HTF) in Ealing, London England. I was the in house graphic designer and was working within the sales and marketing team. Using pagemaker and photoshop I managed to get a little bit of creativity into the department. Blue strawberries.. not sure my thinking there.... I wold say Seth Godin influence but I didn't read his stuff back then.

Slide 2: Billboard artwork and prepress
Freelancing to a small Subiaco agency in 2000, I was given the task of creating the large format artwork for a 'conception' by the artist director. A fun job that just happened to appear on my local billboard not long after.

Slide 3: Newspaper cover and spread layout
Back in sunny England in 2002, I end up working at the Times Educational Supplement (part of News Limited). With an intial week of work offered to me, I ended up there for 6mths and only left because we we're heading back to Australia. The work included story layout working with picture desk and sub editors and also masthead advert creative. I also set the cover for the Times Literary Supplement for a majority of my stay.

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